Introducing Stepflow
Jan. 14th, 2021

Introducing Stepflow

Nick Jessop

Hello out there! We’re a new software company out of Canada with an exciting product to share with you. Our team is working on Stepflow, a tool that provides organizations the ability to collaborate externally with efficiency and ease.

When we look at the wide range of collaboration tools available today, there is a common thread. A focus on transforming the way teams work together within an organization. Yet often overlooked are the times when you need to work with people outside your organization. The customers, clients, partners, vendors or whoever they may be. We decided to focus here, we decided to focus on the ‘external’ collaboration.

We’ve seen two common approaches companies take when working with each other. You either try to bring a company into your internal tools or settle for communication over email and messaging software. The first option leads to unnecessary complexity. The workflows you take for granted might confuse others from the outset and friction to get others on board is often just too high. On the other hand, staying in communication apps isn’t the right tool for the job either. You end up with messages spread out everywhere, an increase in the back-and-forth required between stakeholders, a lack of structure, and key information becomes scattered between messages.

With Stepflow, we’ve taken a fresh approach. You now have one app to serve as your birds eye view for any external project you undertake. To begin you create your project workflow with steps. Each of these steps becomes a living document, holding the content you input or populate from the apps you already use. Unlike traditional documents, all the content within steps is organized into blocks. There are blocks for any number of tasks, from simple text input to dynamic image galleries. With this structure of steps and blocks, following a project along to completion becomes both transparent and productive.

We’re getting closer to making this product a reality. Our team is hard at work collecting feedback, testing, and ensuring all customers have a great experience on launch day. If you’d like to help shape the future of external collaboration we invite you to join our early access program.