The smart way
to tackle
external projects

Bring everyone together
and collaborate
in a simple interactive workflow.
Stepflow project page
Steps and statuses

Create a shareable workflow

Get on the same page with customers and partners, every step of the way.
Add steps

Steps let you break down your project into actionable sections, each helping to keep everyone on track.

Edit with others

Invite external organizations or users to continuously edit each step.

Create structure

Every Stepflow project becomes a common reference in-between meetings and ad-hoc communication.

Steps and statuses

Make each step interactive

Drag blocks into your workflow to store and edit content.
Add your content

Start with a blank canvas and work together with a variety of blocks including text inputs, image galleries, files, tables, and more.

Integrate third-party apps

Connect popular apps to blocks to bring all your data into one convenient workflow.

Solves moments
like these

With Stepflow we help to eliminate these problems by centering your work around a series of actionable steps.

"What email was that in?" check
“What are the next steps?” check
“Where did you say that?” check
Steps and statuses

Control the flow

Make each workflow your own.
Change statuses

Use statuses to control each step and let everyone know what stage you’re in.

Set permissions

Lock or hide steps from other participants and set up project based permissions.

Integrate your brand

Add your logo to each project to maintain your brand presence.