Get everyone on the same page, every step of the way.

Stepflow helps you get work done faster and easier using interactive workflows for collaboration.

Build your workflow of structured knowledge!

Start with a workflow

Add steps to create a high level structure for your project.


Add the building blocks

Set up each step using dynamic blocks to start adding content.


Keep in touch

Invite participants to collaborate and chat along the way.

How will you use Stepflow?

With your clients
With clients

Happier clients, successful projects

Stepflow is great for working with external participants such as clients. Add your branding, copy the link and send; no sign-in required. Your clients will be able to see the same steps, ensuring they always know what's going on and are confident with the progress being made.

Great for: Freelance projects, agency workflows, and project management.

With your clients
With team members

Fast and effective team work

Get everyone on your team on the same page and avoid costly mistakes. When you have a clear set of steps to follow you can bring a new level of clarity to each project or process you undertake.

Great for: Development and design sprints, HR onboarding, and project kick-offs.

With your clients
With partners

Increase alignment with partners

Reduce costly back and forth and create better relationships with partners. Fall back on Stepflow anytime throughout a project to make sure everyone is aligned and customers are satisfied.

Great for: Collaborating with other companies, and managing contractors.